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Sports Therapist -  Anika Patel (MSc, BSc, MSST)

From a young age Anika has had a dedicated interest in fitness and health. Achieving a 1st class BSc Honours in Exercise, Health and Nutrition allowed her to gain an insight into sport injuries, which then increased her ambition to a qualified sports therapist.


After, graduating from a Sports Therapy Masters in 2009, Anika became a qualified Therapist at a clinic in Harrow (London), where she successfully rehabilitated injuries of both sport and recreational. After 15 years at the clinic, gaining extensive experience on various musculoskeletal conditions, she became confident in successfully re-educating and rehabilitating injuries.

Since then she has worked at various sporting clubs and competitions, such as the London Marathon, the British Rowing Championships and is now established in Welwyn Garden City at The Wellness Centre.

As a member of The Society of Sports Therapists (MSST) she also continues to further her professional development as a therapist and continues to attend seminars, workshops and courses.





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