Services available 


  • ​Injury Diagnosis
  • Sports Massage/ Deep tissue massage
  • Medical Acupunture
  • Electrotherapy (Ultrasound, TENs, IFT)​
  • Peripheral and Spinal Mobilisations
  • ​Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Stretching ​
  • ​Hot Stone Massage
Top tips for injury prevention:

  • Always warm up and cool down before and after exercise

  • Stretch, roll on a ball and foam roll regularly 

  • Keep hydrated

  • Apply ice to an acute injury, never heat!​

Thank you to all my clients for the outpouring of support and kind messages I have received over the last few days. It has been an extremely difficult week and due to the special circumstance and restrictions we have had to close the clinic in line with governments recommendations. To those that have existing appointments I will be in contact when the clinic is back up and running.

However, it has given me the extra inspiration to ensure that we can continue to help you, and give you the tools you need to stay healthy as we go through this challenging time together...


Although you cannot replace the benefits of hands-on treatment from your therapist, I am now offering

Virtual Consultations, assessment and rehabilitation service

to all new and existing patients.


Online video consultations for new and existing clients
You can now arrange a 20 minute video call or telephone call

What to expect?

·         You will chat with myself directly via video calling method that suits you to gain advice

·         visual online assessment to diagnose your symptoms and then subsequent advice on self-management treatments, exercise, posture, sports rehabilitation and ergonomics if required



Our Online assessment has three main components


  •  A discussion of your problem, how your symptoms behave, how it feels and how it affects your life. We explore what treatments you have tried to date and find out how or why they may not have worked. After this discussion there are often several clues indicating where your problem is coming from and our next goal is to pin down the diagnosis with our movement assessment.


  •  A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) will involve a range of flexibility tasks, strength tests and postural assessment. You will repeat certain movements and via video we can view where and why your movement is painful or restricted.

  •  Learn to treat YOUR pain! We teach you the very best self-treatment techniques to relieve your symptoms. You will receive an exercise program that loosens, strengthens, stabilises your problem area as needed.



20 minute  -  £15


Video calling methods – Facetime, Zoom, Skype and whatsapp video calling available 


Please all stay safe and I will see you at the clinic hopefully soon.

COVID -19 

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